Microsoft Security Essentialsfor all Windows Operating Systems

FREE!!! Microsoft makes Windows. Shouldn’t they be the ones that protect their own Operating System?  This is the protection that I leave people with after I remove what the PC makers have PRE-INSTALLED on your PC.  In MOST cases, the protection that the PC Makers install require you to pay after a certain amount of time.  For most people this is all you need. Ask anyone that does what I do for a living. We don’t use Mcafee OR Norton.

MalwareBytes AntiMalwarefor all Windows Operating Systems

MalwareBytes might just be the best one out there. The FREE version does not run in the background as does MS Security.

Norton Removal Toolfor when you can’t remove Norton from the Control Panel.

Only Symantec, the maker of Norton Security Suite could make a piece of software who’s sole purpose is to fully remove their OWN software. When Norton misbehaves, which is pretty OFTEN, I usually resort  to removing it with the removal tool.

Mcafee Removal Tooluse in case you can’t remove from Control Panel

AVG Removal Tooluse in case you can’t remove from Control Panel

RegcleanXP only

Regclean is for use at your own risk. Microsoft makes it but does not officially support it.
I always run regclean when I do a tuneup on old XP computers. It unzips to a temp folder on your computer.  From there you can run the regclean.exe.

Calling Card

For when your browser can’t access my website for remote fixes.  When you download the calling card, it will put an Icon on your desktop that will enable  you to click on it to allow me to remotely access your computer in the cases when your browser does not work or will not go to my website.